Hello, and welcome to the site. If you're here, it's odds on that you've read one of the Haszard stories. If you have, I hope you liked it. If you've yet to read it, I hope you enjoy it. If you've stumbled across the site purely by chance, take a look at what's here. You may find that you like what you see. If you think this is all a bit informal well there's a reason for that ' it is.

The stories are written to entertain. My aim is to provide mystery, intrigue, excitement and humour. Basically, I write to entertain myself. If something appeals to me, it generally appeals to most, because I like mainstream humour. One of my idols is David Renwick (One Foot in the Grave & Jonathan Creek), who also writes using this method.

Since the publication of the first five Haszard novels, I've been taken on by Koehler Books, who will be releasing books six and seven in 2015, and I'd like to thank John Koehler and the team for taking a chance on me.

There are some other people I'd like to thank. Firstly, Ian McShane, whose portrayal of Lovejoy in the TV series led me to the second recipient of thanks namely Jonathan Gash, whose novels inspired me to write the Haszard series. Also, special thanks to Sara Curtis, Julie Davey and Al Parker for their continued support. Nigel Franklyn, Pete Barnes and Camy are all deserved of my gratitude; they're the technical brains behind the site and artwork. Finally, my wife Pam, of twenty-three years, who has kept the faith and given me the most incredible support. Without her, I would never got as far as I have.

Anyway, please enjoy the site, and feel free to contact me should you feel the need.

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